Cloudy skies and damp weather have come over Elon’s campus and are sparking very diverse reactions from students.  From cozy to lonely, students are responding in their own way to the dreary weather.

                Some students, like Senior Emily Sanner, can’t even make up their own mind about how rainy days make them feel.

                “Sometimes I like the rain and other times it just makes you feel lonely.”

                This is an understandable feeling, considering on an overcast day such as this, areas usually filled with students, like the patio outside of McEwen Dining Hall, stand vacant.

                Junior Ashley McGraw had a sunnier outlook on the situation, saying that on rainy days when she is not too busy, she enjoys curling up on her couch with a good movie and a cup of hot cocoa.

                Kelsey Renner, who is also a junior, was just looking out for the sun. 

                “Rainy days make me feel sad,” she said “I really like the sun and I wish it was sunny right now.”

                Renner may have a while to wait as the forecast for next week calls for rain on Sunday, Monday and Friday with lots of clouds in between.