Erin Mahn may have only graduated from Elon University two years ago, but her press pass has taken her to places that others may never get to see.

She cited it as one of the biggest perks of her job.

“Press passes allow you to do things that other people just don’t get to do,” she said.

In fact, her press pass has taken her on airplanes and yachts, and from death penalty hearings to the National Outdoor Show.

After two years of working at the Daily Banner in Maryland, Mahn has already experienced a fair dose of what it means to be a journalist, and the responsibilities that come with holding a press pass.  She has covered stories that took her to new and unfamiliar territory, and has also faced the moral dilemmas that come with the job.

“The advertising,” she said simply when asked what her biggest ethical dilemma has been.  After having turned down an advertiser’s suggestion to cover a story, “Remember, I pay your salary,” was the stern reminder that she received.

Mahn has also faced some of the less pleasant aspects of the job, such as 14-hour days and holidays spent in the office.

“Have fun.” Was the last of six bits of advice she gave, and she seems to be walking the walk as well as talking the talk.  As Mahn described her short time thus far in the world of journalism, she was perpetually smiling.