College is a time that prepares us for the future.  Students leave their alma maters expecting to be able to handle their careers and their lives.  But the question raised on Thursday night’s panel on diversity was just that.  As members of the Elon bubble, are we really walking into the world as prepared citizens?

                Diversity Emerging Education Program (D.E.E.P.) and the Black Cultural Society (BCS) co-hosted this panel with representatives from Guilford, North Carolina A&T as well as Elon.  The primary purpose was to discuss the differences between Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) and Predominantly White Universities (PWI’s).


                Elon’s number one goal at this time is to increase diversity on campus.  You would never have known it if you had attended Thursday evening’s panel discussion in LaRose Digital Theater though.

                The theater only ever filled about half way and there was no mistaking the predominant group.  Black students turned out in fair numbers for the events but students of other races were few and far between in the crowd.

                Elon’s own Melissa Jordan, assistant director of the Multicultural Center, said, “To me, multiculturalism is a part of everyone’s experience.  It’s not just a Black thing or a Latino thing.  It is an everyone thing.”