MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) — The Mexican military has detained a suspected leader of a notorious drug-trafficking family in connection with the July slayings of two U.S. citizens.

Jose Rodolfo Escajeda, known as El Rikin, was taken into custody Friday in Nuevo Casa Grandes, in Chihuahua state, according to a military statement.

          I liked the lede in this story because it answered every basic question about the story.  It told you who was involved (a drug leader, the mexican authorities and two homicide victims), why they were detained, where the story was taking place (Mexico city) and when everything happened (the arrests are current for a July murder).  If you were to read the remainder of the story, you would find that it basically is just an ellaboration of the first sentence.  If you were a busy reader, this lede would give you enough information to understand the basics of the story and that is why I believe that it is a good lede.